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Rana Samaha

Guitar Instructor

Rana Samaha was born and raised in Lebanon in March 1985. She picked up her first guitar at
age twelve, it was then when she started her guitar studies. Her passion for music and life long
learning led her to earn her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Lebanese University in 2007
and lately in 2019 a music therapist certification from AMBx-France.
All along her university courses she started private guitar tutoring for all ages. After earning her
degree she started teaching music in a private Lebanese school where she developed throughout
the years a Music Program that included general and music awakening courses, Instrumental
studies as well and a choir. She also taught guitar, music awakening and theory in multiple music
Throughout the years she crafted the ability to customize her students musical journey in a way
that caters their musical and personal development skills and readiness focusing on active
musicianship performance and techniques, creativity, self expression and useful life skills like time
management and self awareness.

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