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Oussama Abdelfattah

Oud & Vocal Coach Instructor

Oussama Abdelfattah is a Lebanese musician & Oud player who combines tradition and modernity in Arabic music.

Starting from his passion for traditional music, trying to reconnect it with the current musical reality, he founded a group that preserves traditional musical forms with fellow students in 2003, participated in the Asil Ensemble for Arab Classical Contemporary Music since 2007, and toured France between 2010 and 2014 with the "Nahas Project"-Sebastian Bertrand- to play a contemporary folkloric style of the western region of France.

He began working as an archivist and sound engineer on the recordings of the early 20th century at the AMAR Foundation in 2012, which enabled him to gain a broader understanding of traditional music, especially the singing aspect, where he developed a special method of training in Arabic singing and which made him distinguished at the moment as a vocal coach. Last but not least Oussama was the casting vocal coach for MBC The Voice 4 & MBC The Voice Kids 2.

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