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Fouad Faraj

Piano and Theory Instructor

Fouad Faraj was born in Lebanon on March 7th, 1983. He is a flourishing Lebanese composer, producer, pianist, and percussionist. His early passion for music has given him the chance to be involved in several aspects of the music world. Fouad graduated from the Lebanese University with a Bachelor of art and a Teaching Diploma in Music Education. His learning journey did not stop there, but instead he continued his music education in theory and achieved a piano diploma from the Associated Board of The Royal School of Music. Fouad’s involvement in several aspects of the music world endorsed him to keep a broader vision of the music industry. His music career has been a mixture of music for films, musical productions, piano performances, and teaching of music. Fouad’s favorite genres are a mixture between old Arabic music, classics, and Jazz. He has found a way to merge these genres and come up with a new perspective of the music we know today. He has been delivering an original type of music to our current audience.

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