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Adel Minkara
Classical & Modern Guitar Instructor

Adel Minkara is a professional session guitarist (Recording and Live Performance). What started as a hobby at an early age gradually became his main interest and work. He studied classical guitar at the Souza Lima school of music in Sao Paulo Brazil and continued at the Lebanese National Conservatory in Beirut where he has also completed the Jazz studies program under the supervision of Arthur Satyan. In Addition, Adel is a holder of a "Guitar Master" certificate from Berklee College of Music Boston. Through his studies of classical music and popular music of different genres (Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Oriental, and Indian... ) Adel finds it irrelevant at this period of time to keep the barriers between different styles. In fact, Adel approaches guitar teaching in a holistic way to music. Moreover, Adel is well known as a theory and harmony instructor he helped several musicians and students discovering the art of improvisation for all instruments including the voice. Besides his professional career as a guitar instructor, Adel recorded and performed with various artists and groups such as Arthur Satyan, Ziad Rahbani, Gabriel Yared, The Lebanese Symphony Orchestra, Tania Saleh, Tania Kassis, Elissa, Macadi Nahhas, Michel Fadel, and many more... 

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